.......your life capture!!!

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MJackson Photography

High-Quality, Beautiful Photography

MJackson Photography

High-Quality, Beautiful Photography

......your life captured


......your life captured


My Background


I've loved taking pictures since my dad allowed me to use his film camera many moons ago.   Through 10+ years of experience, I have been able to hone my aesthetic sensibilities and technical skills.  My focus now is to capture the beauty and raw emotion in each moment.  And I'm inspired by the thought of capturing precious life moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.  I have also photographed many different subjects, scenes, and moments through the years. There's a picture around every corner. photography senior portraits wedding photography

Creative Photography


I love having such an exciting avenue to explore my creativity while documenting signifcant moments in my clients' lives. During every shoot, I learn something about love, something about life or something about relationships. In post-production editing, I am able to use my background in graphic design and developing (the old-fashioned way) to create a unique effect to bring each photo to life. I am grateful everyday for the opportunity that God has given me to capture life's precious moments.

Every Picture Tells A Story


Where are you going?  What are you doing?  Where have you been?  What adventure is life leading you to or away from?  Life is an adventure and every photo tells a story of its own.   With this thought in mind, I approach every photo shoot with the purpose of telling a story.  What is your story?